Skateboard Fail Becomes Cool Trick

skateboard fail turns into cool trickSo war das sicher nicht geplant! ;-)

//via Videos 2. Okt 2009 - 13:27 153.662 Aufrufe


  • Matt’s and idiot’s an idiot

    ‚fail‘ is both ‚internet slang‘ and an ‚internet meme‘

    you fail at linguistics

  • Matt’s an idiot

    p.s. what you meant by ‚internet slang‘ was ‚internet meme‘. You fail at English

  • Matt’s an idiot

    Classic vid.

    Matt – as above – you’re a moron. Fail isn’t an American-only invention. Your shitty imperialist country exports more than just vile entertainment(less) garbage. You also seem to enjoy hegemonic activities; countries need freedom!! (sarcasm)

    From someone who thinks you’re an ignorant fool

  • Matt

    Do you guys have the term „fail“ over there?

    Like… not the actual word but the internet slang version? Like the one we have in America?

    Anyway, ULTIMATE FAIL!!!

  • Bestimmt hat er das nicht geplant! Sieht so komisch aus, das ist eine neue Art Skateboarding. hi hi