Skateboard Fail Becomes Cool Trick

skateboard fail turns into cool trickSo war das sicher nicht geplant! 😉

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Lisa (2.10.2009)

Bestimmt hat er das nicht geplant! Sieht so komisch aus, das ist eine neue Art Skateboarding. hi hi

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Matt (4.10.2009)

Do you guys have the term „fail“ over there?

Like… not the actual word but the internet slang version? Like the one we have in America?


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Matt's an idiot (4.10.2009)

Classic vid.

Matt – as above – you’re a moron. Fail isn’t an American-only invention. Your shitty imperialist country exports more than just vile entertainment(less) garbage. You also seem to enjoy hegemonic activities; countries need freedom!! (sarcasm)

From someone who thinks you’re an ignorant fool

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Matt's an idiot (4.10.2009)

p.s. what you meant by ‚internet slang‘ was ‚internet meme‘. You fail at English

4.10.2009 10. 2009
Matt's and idiot's an idiot (4.10.2009)

‚fail‘ is both ‚internet slang‘ and an ‚internet meme‘

you fail at linguistics