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fun pic of the dayOne of the coolest video games ever. ;-)

alone in the dark

Picdumps 10. Okt 2009 - 12:29 121.344 Aufrufe


  • Stagdar

    @ Sawyer:
    thats fuckin funny

  • MC shit head

    Its not racist, it’d be racist if his shirt said ‚Alone with a bunch Swamp Ninjas‘

  • Jo Momma

    Is anyone seeing the guy give the rabbit ears, you know when its lights out its gone along with whiteys cherry.

  • Alexander

    why does evrything have to be racist? can we not state that a black man is harder to see in the dark than a white man without being racist? you know what? tall people are easier to see in a crowd than short people. I know, it is a terrible thing to say but tall people do kind of stick out.

  • wrong ben. The joke is if you turned the lights out the 3 black guys would disappear, effectively leaving the whitey, „Alone in the Dark“

  • ben

    Its not racist, if you see a racist joke in it that probably means your the racist. It simply showing how ‚uncool‘ the guy in the middle is compared to the other guys

  • Parker

    I think you’re the only one who thinks you’re the only one getting the *racist joke.

  • c1f3r

    am i the only one getting the rascist joke?

  • Haha, he got that shirt at Play N Trade! I know because I work there!

  • LOL!